Seneca County Museum

Received from Paul Pospisil, at the Seneca County Museum in Tiffin, Ohio:

Greetings from Ohio; I am a docent of the Seneca County Museum located in Tiffin, Ohio where General William Harvey Gibson lived before and after the Civil War. I had the honor to do a recent renovation to the General’s Bedroom which includes his desk, law books, horse saddle and his complete uniform including his leggings and battle sword. I am presently reading his bio called “Ohio Silver Tongued Orator” and it amazes me of this great man. Below are photos of his room which includes his bed that he passed away on, which is still occupied with his spirit. There is an indentation on the mattress located on the left side of the bed (see the pointing finger photo); we have evened it out, but it reappears; we believe the General is still in this room!

Paul Pospisil
Seneca County Museum, 28 Clay Street, Tiffin, Ohio