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The 49th Volunteer Infantry Regiment was originally formed in September of 1861 and served with the Army of the Ohio and later as part of the 4th Corps, Army of the Cumberland. Today, we are seeking able bodied volunteers to recreate that historic unit. If you have a passion for Civil War history and public education, we would like to talk to you about becoming a member of Company E. Email us here or download the Membership PDF form to apply.

The Union Army of the West, of which we are a part, requires everybody to take and pass the Safety Test prior to participating in battle reenactments. The answers can be found here.  This is for your safety on the field at events.


Terms of Membership

1)  Memberships are valid for the term of one calendar year, or portion of a year, beginning on January 1st of each year, unless otherwise revoked for cause such as rules violation or unbecoming conduct as determined by the Executive Board.

2)  Each member is expected to substantially acquire their own basic gear (uniform, shoes, forage cap, appropriate musket, leather accoutrements, canteen, haversack, dog tent, knapsack, blanket roll) within a reasonable period of time (typically about 2 years), unless otherwise permitted by the Executive Board.

3)  Each member will show respect for other members of the group and behave in accordance with established guidelines set forth by their Commander and the Executive Board.

4)  Combatant members are expected to know and abide by the PACWR General Safety and Infantry Safety rules published by the American Civil War Society. Each member must pass the safety test before they will be allowed to participate in battles. Hazardous conduct on or off the field is prohibited. Rowdiness, abusive language or public drunkenness, will not be tolerated at anytime.

5)  Each member is expected to do their best to maintain an authentic period-correct impression of a Union soldier (or 19th Century civilian) at reenactments and educational presentations, especially while the public is present. Modern eyeglasses, wristwatches, shoes, etc. are not to be worn unless the public has gone.

6)  No consumption of alcohol during public hours. No illegal substances at any time, violations will be referred to local law enforcement.

7)  Battle reenactments in which our members participate have an inherent element of risk that each member must be prepared to accept. Safety precautions must be followed in order to avoid risk of injury. The 49th Ohio Volunteers, and Executive Board assume no liability in the event that a member is injured while participating in events.