Submitted by Dan Frees

PVT John Frees
PVT George Frees

“My Great-grandfather, Lewis Frees was the youngest of three boys in the family.  John Frees, the oldest, volunteered for the 49th at the first opportunity in early August of 1861. The 49th Ohio was recognized on the 20th of August 1861, so he must have been one of the original members. He served as a PVT in Company F until his death at Pickett’s Mill on May 27th, 1864.
The second son George Frees, volunteered in February 1863, and was also assigned to Company F. He died as a POW in Atlanta, Fulton County jail on November 21st, 1863. As a young boy, I was told by my grandfather, Lewis Frees, that George had starved to death. I have no idea where he was captured, but the 49th was involved in many actions before that time. Time line of John’s letters show that he was probably captured at Chickamauga.
My Great-grandfather, Lewis Frees also served, but was sent to Washington D.C. rather than the 49TH. He became the only surviving son.  

I also have four Great-Uncles, once removed, who served with F Company of the 49th. 
PVT Aaron Reed who was killed at the Battle of New Hope, Georgia on June 4th, 1864, and SGT Myron Sweet and his brother PVT Daniel Sweet who both survived the war.”

PVT Jeremiah Reed
PVT Aaron Reed

PVT Jeremiah Reed and his brother PVT Aaron Reed. Just like their first cousins, John and George Frees, served with F Company of the 49th Ohio. Jeremiah enlisted on August 16th, 1861 and was mustered out on November 20th, 1865 when the 49th was decommissioned.  He served for the entire time that the 49th existed. Quite an amazing accomplishment. Younger brother Aaron enlisted on February 26th, 1864, and was Killed in Action at the Battle of New Hope Church on June 4th, 1864. I don’t have a picture of Aaron, but he was originally buried in Marietta GA., and his body was later sent back to Ohio to be interred there.  The picture of Jeremiah was taken when he was much older. He lived until 1896.

Dan Frees, 1SG (Ret)
Naples, Florida