Living History Presentations to Students

IMG_0582Members of the 49th Ohio Volunteers are committed to public education on the subject of the American Civil War, a critical time in our nation’s history. By portraying the common soldier in our school presentations to mostly 8th grade history students based on the 8th grade standards, we strive to bring history alive. “It’s clear that audiences prefer learning about the past when it’s not in textbook form” writes Kenneth C. Davis in his article “Why don’t we know much about history?”

musket1Typically, our presentations are outdoors on the grass, and for those schools that will allow it, we will demonstrate the loading and firing of the rifled musket….the weapon that caused the majority of casualties in battle.  We guarantee at least two presentors, and will set up camp and bring gear that was carried by the average soldier. We tell stories about joining up in 1861 and why men did so, illness and death in camp, drilling, food, camp routine, letters from home, battles and the technology of the rifled musket, the Minié-ball, and the casualty rate. Why battles were fought where they were fought. We can also cover special areas of study by request. Please contact us if you would like to know more about us or to schedule a presentation.

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