General Safety Test (PACWAR)

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1. The only participants allowed to call for a “cease fire” are:
2. Loaded weapons, ammunition, powder, or caps:
3. A fire extinguisher (water bucket or other) is required to be near a fire at all times.
4. Spectators can handle/touch weapons:
5. The required safety zone between fires and any form of canvas is:
6. Smoking or open flames are prohibited:
7. When at a reenactment or event:
8. You can pick up or handle another person’s weapon (or artillery implement):
9. Implements held over the artillery piece in an "X" indicate:
10. Weapons may not be fired if a limber or ammunition box is within:
11. If you see a cannon with implements held vertically on top of the wheels or hub:
12. If a gun Captain has a lanyard in their hand:
13. Red wooden blocks on the field mark the edge of the artillery danger zone.
14. Revolvers may be fired by Infantry officers in a battlefield scenario only:
15. Pistols may be carried on the field by:
16. All pistols must be inspected according to approved procedures prior to wear.
17. Revolver cylinders must be sealed with:
18. Revolver cylinders must be cleaned and reloaded immediately before an event to prevent sealing materials from hardening.
19. Minimum distance for aimed pistol fire is: